Website Development

A Website with SEO & User Friendly Design and Development is a Catalyst for Success

SEO friendly website development and design enables your site to be built with a strong foundation focused on long term growth and performance. Whether starting from scratch, building out new sections of a website, redesigning and redeveloping the entire site, or adding a blog, DragonSearch starts the process with research, well informed information architecture and coding techniques that allow for faster load times, better interactions with search engines, and great user experience.

On-page search engine optimization, friendly URLs, image optimization, social media, optimized code, and more are all aspects that are important for search engines. Ultimately it is the human visitor who is the most important. A user friendly and easy to understand website will help exceed the business goals of your company. Ongoing improvements, such as conversion rate optimization and A/B testing, can provide deep insights and specific data to maximize the return earned from your website no matter what action you want users to take.

Custom Website Development to Grow Your Business

As the online face of an organization, websites are designed to promote ideas, to be a source of revenue and increase the value of your brand through the best user experience.

DragonSearch’s web development services are driven by the actions for reaching your desired outcomes and measurable goals. Achieving your desired outcomes are the overarching reasons why your web site, and your company, exists.

Perhaps you are a car manufacturer and your desired outcome is that people enjoy a safe driving experience. A goal could be that you have 5,000 people subscribe to your blog which features articles themed around safety and fun driving. We use these desired outcomes and goals as the foundation for our web development work.

Responsive Web Design

Perfect the Experience from Desktop to Mobile, and Everything In-between

The rapid adoption of mobile and tablet device use as well as a variety of desktop/laptop monitor sizes has placed extra importance on serving users unique versions of the website experience that are perfectly suited for their favorite devices – because websites today are not only viewed on desktop computers. Laptops of all sizes, tablets and smartphones have created a need that web developers must meet: a seamless user experience across all devices.

Responsive web design gives users the ultimate experience by creating a fully functional website across all mobile platforms, tablets, phone, and desktop monitors. Progressive enhancements based on browser, device or feature detection enables one website to easily conform to multiple users without any need for building and maintaining separate websites and cumbersome redirects. All of this boosts the value of your development budget.

DragonSearch’s responsive web design professionals achieve this goal while integrating best practices for user experience, search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click campaignssocial media marketing and conversion rate optimization.

Website Development with Content Management Systems

Website development doesn’t stop when the project is finished. DragonSearch builds on content management systems, such as WordPress, that blend ease of use with website management and optimization.

Our digital marketing team believes that education empowers clients to maximize their website and we view clients as a partner in the success of the website development process. As part of our process, we provide training on how to use your website, proper blogging techniques and best practices, always taking the time to answer questions as the project advances. At the end, you own your website, your files, your hosting and your domain – we aim to make your website a powerful owned asset for your company.

If you seek to get the most out of your current website or wish to develop a new, custom website, contact DragonSearch today!

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