Social Networking Consulting

Painlessly Learn Your Way Around Social Networking Sites

Social Networking can be intimidating. There is so much out there and you don’t think you can keep up, but you think you should be involved in social networking for your business and really, you should.

Social Networking Sites Can Help You Increase Your Business

It’s the how to go about using social networking sites that is often the issue for many business both small and large.

Social networking and promotions are often most effective when done in house by individuals in a company. While DragonSearch provides completely customized Social Media Marketing services, many companies find that they do have either other departments such as PR or Advertising who wish to use social networks or even a few dedicated employees that are motivated to get the company message out there. Even a sole small business owner can successfully either use social networks throughout his or her day or dedicate certain amount of time per week for business promotions and networking.

For all those cases; it helps to have professional Social Networking Training so your time and efforts are not wasted and your business gets the most out of the power of social media.

With Social Networking Training & Consultations, You Can Learn To:

  • Define your company’s social networking goals
  • Learn how to measure the success and ROI  with social networking analysis tools
  • Employ best practices so you can be proud of what you say and do online
  • Integrate your social media efforts with your company’s message
  • Design Social Networking Guidelines and Rules for employees
  • Brand your business so it is recognizable on various social networks
  • Find the social networking sites that actual would increase your customer base.
  • Optimize traditional business communications such as press releases so they  better fit today’s social environment

Specific Social Networking Site Training

Perhaps you are not ready to completely enmesh your business in social networking and you just want to start out small? Or maybe you would like integrate and master one social network website at a time?

DragonSearch’s social networking consultations can be designed to meet the specific needs of your company and business. With so many social networking sites online and more being created every day, the DragonSearch team spends considerable time staying on top of the industry, researching new tools and services and then finding out how to best utilize those social sites and services to best met our clients’ objectives.

We can help your business and employees understand and effectively use:

  • How to network and use Facebook for your business
  • How to leverage and use Twitter for business
  • How  to use Facebook Marketing and Ads from our knowledgeable PPC Team
  • Internet forum etiquette and best practices
  • The business benefits of blogging  from writing to optimization to promotion with our Blogging Services
  • Social Network Analysis Training so you can know what is working and how to measure your results.

From a Complete Social Networking Training to a Consultation Review

Whether your business needs companywide social networking training or you just want someone to check in and make sure you got it all right, DragonSearch is poised to fit your needs. For many of our clients, we are the person they call when confused or some site is just not behaving as it should.  We can review your social networking efforts and provide recommendations or be the ones to keep you on top of the industry and let you know how and when to use new services.

Don’t be confused anymore about social networking sites; contact DragonSearch for our comprehensive social networking training and consultations.

Give us a call at (212) 246-5087, email us at [email protected], or submit our contact form here.