Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consulting Services

Your team possesses many talents, skills and areas of mastery that excel at advancing your brand. SEO is probably NOT one of them. Today, it takes an incredible amount of energy and commitment to remain at the forefront as search engine optimization specialists.

DragonSearch is the digital marketing agency that leads the industry with our SEO thought leaders. We can lead your organization to a destination of SEO excellence.

The DragonSearch SEO team has expertise in building incoming organic traffic, pinpointing technical issues and providing actionable recommendations for fixing them, cultivating your website as an online community center for your industry, and mitigating search engine penalties that could be doing tremendous damage to your organization’s bottom line.

Customized for Your Needs

Each client and each website is distinct and we tailor our consulting to your particular needs and circumstances. Our search engine optimization consulting frequently starts with our unique in-depth analysis of your digital properties from which we can identify significant issues and opportunities that often include:

  • Technical issues on your website related to coding and functionality
  • Usability improvements, including for mobile devices
  • Manual and/or algorithmic linkspam penalties from Google
  • Existing or potential algorithmic penalties related to duplicate content and/or plagiarism
  • Indexation issues
  • Website load time and response speed improvements
  • Maximizing on sales, conversions, and “soft” conversions such as social shares and email signups
  • Structured data, social schema, and metadata recommendations
  • Website Traffic Analysis
  • Website Audit
  • Content development and improvements
  • Link building and relationship building
  • Conversion funnel enhancements
  • Integration of SEO into the overall marketing plan
  • Strategy and action plan development and implementation
  • Measurement and proof of SEO value
  • Reputation management
  • SEO training
  • … and so much more…

Why Choose DragonSearch As Your SEO Consultant

If your digital marketing strategy is operating without an SEO perspective, your campaign is running without complete knowledge of critical elements. SEO is as consultative as it is hands-on.

DragonSearch evaluates your brand’s current website and online activity as an initial step in the SEO consultation process,  enabling our specialists to provide insights from many vantage points: design, development, IT, user experience (UX), conversion rate optimization (CRO), social media, digital advertising, and more. Through our Web Traffic Analysis we provide recommendations on how to enhance your tracking, ensure that you have healthy conversion goals in place, and that the data you’re tracking is relevant, accurate, and complete. Having a solid, reliable baseline of data creates an excellent way to begin to measure the ROI efforts of your SEO as you put your strategy into play.

The end result is a digital presence that creates the greatest user experience, while providing the search engines with the positive signals that deem your website a valuable resource, one that will be displayed to your searching audience.

While DragonSearch most strongly recommends integrating SEO as a key piece of your long-term ongoing digital marketing strategy, there is much to be gained from the feedback of an initial evaluation of your website and subsequent consultation.

As your SEO consultants, we’ll help you set direction, prioritize your next steps, work with your team to ensure that the improvements are being built properly, and guide your staff to incorporate and maintain best practices.

Get the process started by calling us at (212) 246-5087, emailing us at [email protected], or submitting our contact form here.