Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Why Choose DragonSearch As Your SEO Company

Our skillful specialists take a levelheaded, forward-thinking approach to SEO and its integration into your overall marketing plan. We know how to work within a website’s parameters and constraints to achieve results. While there are certainly ways to find short-term wins that we will take advantage of, our team is focused on laying the groundwork to maximize your growth with a long-term, sustainable approach as our top priority. Your success is ours: our goal is to continue to deliver value to your bottom line and earn your business for years to come.

Understanding the Nuances of SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is both an art and a science – and it’s been growing and changing nonstop for nearly two decades.

As a science, it involves the relentless pursuit of the ever-evolving algorithms that power search engines like Google. SEOs have a never-ending appetite for data and statistics, are continuously running tests and analyses, and measuring the results to understand the impact their work has made on maximizing conversions and revenue. It’s an industry filled with tools and scanners, programming and code, and highly technical evaluations.

As an art, it’s no less multifaceted. A talented SEO is able to give valuable feedback on nearly any other field, and must be a skilled copywriter, a talented networker, a resourceful strategist, and more. They must be able to boil complicated strategies down to simple language, so they can help the teams they work with communicate the value of our collective efforts to key stakeholders. At the end of the day, each strategy must be built around basic business goals like leads, conversions and revenue.

Our Approach To Website Optimization

Our team works collaboratively with you to understand the resources and guidelines that make your company’s needs and opportunities unique. Our goal is to educate and inform, but also to gain feedback and insights about your products and brand, work with your teams to improve your website and provide SEO training and consulting to align your team’s continued work with current SEO best practices.

Through our campaigns, we focus on achieving all of the following:

  • More and broader visibility of your website(s) in search results
  • Faster and more comprehensive site indexation
  • Better click through rates for your search listings
  • Greater retention of traffic brought from search
  • Improved user behavior and conversions for visitors
  • Increased numbers of social media shares
  • Rising volumes of referral traffic from links
  • Improvements in tracking, analytics, and measurement
  • Measurable gains in conversions and web-attributed revenue

A few examples of how we accomplish these goals include:

Our SEO Services are Completely Tailored to Your Needs

At DragonSearch, we understand the value of SEO as one of the pillars of your larger digital marketing strategy and are experts at integrating SEO into it by finding ways to exhaust the possibilities for results while working with your specific needs and circumstances. We are highly experienced in working with in-house and third party teams by building a collaborative partnership with the focus on delivering results for our clients. At the same time we are very effective at working on our own and implementing our strategies and action plans. We can be as involved as you need us to. Our approach is completely customized and adjusted to work with your particular situation and needs.

We make it a top priority to stay ahead within the industry, without losing sight of the continued value of long-term, reliable strategies as well. Our team is driven to set the standard; we are leading speakers at industry events, contributing to prominent marketing blogs, and delivering success to our clients worldwide.

We are resourceful, relentless, and creative in our approach to making the most of SEO as an integral part of you overall digital marketing strategy.

To discuss how the DragonSearch way can be used to bring success for your company or organization, contact us today: give us a call at (212) 246-5087, email us at, or submit our contact form here.