Mobile Marketing Services

The secret to gainful marketing is to be where your customers are, speaking to them in a way that connects with their interests and bringing value to their lives. Nowhere is this more true than mobile. If you don’t speak to their needs, or are communicating in an ineffective format, your brand will simply not experience success.

The percentage of mobile users is growing, poised to soon surpass desktop traffic, and the need to develop a strategy to target this audience has become mission-critical. Mobile users behave very different than users on desktop computers – they ARE mobile – their time is limited, their screen is minimal, as is their attention span and patience for bad experiences. When they’re targeted properly, they can be even more apt to convert than your desktop audience. This should be a key element in your digital marketing strategy.

Mobile Website Development

Your brand’s website on mobile devices – be it tablets, smart phones or other devices – needs to look just as good as it does on a traditional desktop screen. Functionality and usability become even more important to the needs of mobile users. Usability should not be scaled down just because the size of the viewing screen is diminished. Our web development specialists can evaluate, identify and fix any issues, either within the mobile platform already in use, or by approaching a modern mobile experience from the ground up.

Mobile Advertising

Your customers are on the go with smart phones in hand. They are out and about in the world, so reaching and connecting with them is different than with someone sitting in front of their desktop at home. Creatively strategic mobile advertising allows you to target to their lifestyle and location in ways that insure you capture your targeted audience’s attention. Additionally, social media ads served to mobile users are an excellent way to reach out and engage through your tailored messaging.

Research shows that people keep their smart phones right next to them for the majority of their day. They are connected to the technology that builds a digital expressway for your brand. Our mobile advertising team will evaluate your online presence and business goals to customize a mobile ad strategy that drives revenue.

Mobile Content Development

Mobile websites need tailored content to give mobile users what they need, in a format that works for them. Embedded features can be customized specific for each device category. Our specialists will lead the content marketing strategy for developing content that will work to reach your mobile site’s goals and provide for excellent user experience.

Our Mobile Marketing Strategy

DragonSearch specializes in using our deep understanding of the mobile landscape to create successful marketing strategies in B2B, B2C, and ecommerce verticals. As with all marketing channels, mobile marketing is an evolving process within an ever-changing marketplace. To keep pace, our team works daily to apply industry research, data, and emerging best practices that will drive results.

In digital marketing there are aspects that have been consistent foundational elements. Added in are components that are now expanding in their capabilities, opportunities and importance. Mobile marketing, leading-edge SEO, content marketing and social media advertising all are in that category today.

Still not convinced that mobile is critical? Go ahead and Google it. We’ll wait. When you’re ready, get started with DragonSearch by calling us at (212) 246-5087, emailing us at [email protected], or contacting us online today!