LinkedIn Training

LinkedIn is the social media platform specifically built for professionals and networking purposes. It has become a complex and robust ecosystem of social interactivity, and it is an important element of our DragonSearch social networking sites training.

Who Will Benefit from this Training?

LinkedIn is a valuable social network for B2B companies, to create or interact with groups relevant to your organization, showcase employees, and find talent. As with all the social platforms, we have experienced many brands setting up profiles and engaging in activity that is not conducive to a robust, engaging presence on the specific network, or is not a viable component to their overall social media marketing (SMM).

Why Train Your Staff?

Organizations from Dell to Bloomberg have had business units receive LinkedIn training – and there are valuable reasons behind this.

Some of the benefits of organizational LinkedIn training include:

  • Thought leadership training for your distinguished employees
  • Community participation customized for your industry and niche
  • Reputation and brand building to maintain a magnetic and pristine online presence
  • Increased sales leads to grow your business through strategic social media activity

Customized LinkedIn Training in a Format That Works for You

Our DragonSearch LinkedIn training is available to you in multiple formats that will cater to the specific needs of your organization – because not every business is the same. LinkedIn activity for your brand is best if a number of your team are involved. We’ll teach your team how to best present consistent messaging, profile set-up, and overall styling.

The DragonSearch training begins at whichever level your staff is currently – no question is considered too mundane or simplistic; our Dragons are familiar with all the areas that can potentially be problematic at any current skill tier.

Within our completely customizable approach to training, our goals for your brand include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing your LinkedIn strategy & tactics
  • Integrating LinkedIn into the overall marketing strategy
  • Ensuring your entire team is trained and uses LinkedIn to its fullest potential

Training Venue Options

The Dragons make is easiest for you, offering a variety of options for our training and interaction, including:

  • Onsite training at your location
  • Offsite training in our DragonSearch New York City office or Hudson Valley production space
  • Shared screen remote online workshops

As a result of this training program, your company and team member pages can all be well optimized following best current practices, creating ONE finely tuned brand presence.

Contact us and let’s start the discussion on how DragonSearch can best make LinkedIn work for you, bring your employees up to speed, and help propel your brand forward with coordinated multi-tiered LinkedIn strategies and tactics.

Give us a call at (212) 246-5087, email us at [email protected], or submit our contact form here.