Social Networking Sites Training

Let DragonSearch Teach You How to Effectively Use Each Social Networking Site

Each new Social Media platform can be intimidating. It doesn’t have to be that way.

  • Is your brand active and alive on social media?
  • Not just posting and broadcasting your own brand, but skillfully and naturally connecting and interacting with your potential and current customers as well as important influencers.
  • Is your social media marketing team well-trained to take full advantage of each social networking site’s potential and tie it into your organization’s business goals?

Customized Workshops That Addresses Your Explicit Needs

  • How to use Twitter for your business?
  • How to maximize your efforts on LinkedIn?
  • What’s the best approach to using Facebook for your particular business goals?
  • What about Pinterest, Instagram and other social networks?

DragonSearch’s social networking specialists can customize training to meet the specific needs of your company and business. With so many social networking sites online and more being created every day, the DragonSearch team focuses on staying ahead of the industry, researching new networks, tools and strategies – and then finding out how to best utilize those social sites and services to best meet bottom-line business goals.

You may be managing your social networking in-house, from within your organization, but could find, as many companies do, that you do not have the bandwidth and staff resources to stay atop of constant changes, develop agile strategies, and maintain social activity at the efficacy and level that our dedicated Community Managers do at DragonSearch. We can give your internal team the necessary training so your social media work moves forward at a professional grade level.

With our professional Social Networking Sites Training your time is no longer wasted, and your business gets the most out of the broad reach and deep engagement of social media.

In conjunction with our Social Media Strategy Training, your team will have the complete panoramic view of how to do social right, and the skills to implement a successful social media marketing campaign. With the incredible amount of competition online today – everyone seeking the attention of YOUR potential clients and customers – your brand should not aspire for anything less.

If your company finds that your PR or marketing departments need assistance with getting up to speed and staying current with the ever changing social scene online – DragonSearch has you covered. We provide completely personalized training programs that will build the exact skills that your team needs.

A Hybrid Approach: Working Integrated With Your Team

In many cases we work in a hybrid arrangement where we partner with our clients by providing ongoing training and governance to their in-house team in conjunction with our hand-on customized Social Media Marketing services.

What Can I Expect from the Workshops?

Explicit Social Networking Sites Training

Each social media platform has its own niche – the essence about it that has attracted an audience. We can help you identify which social networking sites are the most beneficial for you to invest time and effort into. With our targeted workshops we will then teach you how to maximize each particular network’s potential to help you meet your business goals.

  • LinkedIn Training – Business to Business AND People to People AND People to Business AND Business to People – the connection path is ready to be energized. It takes a total coordination of your brand’s company presence along with the profiles of your employees. We can show your team how to support and enhance your brand with their own LinkedIn properties, and teach everyone to have a presence that consistently enhances and shares your brand messaging and culture while creating business opportunities for you.
  • Twitter Training – There is a lot of ‘noise’ on Twitter – and your brand does not want to add and contribute to creating more. DragonSearch will teach you how to navigate through an overabundance of content, connect within a Twitter culture of short attention spans and successfully use Twitter as a tool for growing your business.
  • Facebook Training – There should be much more to your brand’s Facebook activity than just talking about yourself. That is not recommended for successful interaction with other people in any medium or venue – and definitely not appropriate for social media. Our training will give you and your team insight and inspiration on how to create a multi-dimensional engaging presence on Facebook that will add to your bottom-line.
  • Pinterest Training – Is Pinterest appropriate for your brand? It very well could be – but perhaps not in the way you think. With all the social content out there, moving into the future it will be the creative use of these social platforms that compels attention and engagement. Our DragonSearch Pinterest specialists can train your team to have an exciting and successful presence on this social network.
  • Instagram Training –Instagram is an exciting visual medium in a digital marketing age when such content is very often the difference maker. With our assistance, your team can get up to running speed and inspired to easily create the content that will get the attention of the target audiences you wish to connect with.

Successful Social Media for Business

There are many social networking sites that can be incorporated into your brand’s social media strategy.

  • YES it takes time to do,
  • YES there is much to learn,
  • YES there are continuous changes to remain current with, and
  • YES there is a need to know how to tie your investment into achieving your business goals.

That’s why companies from all over the country are turning to DragonSearch to stretch their bandwidth and take that often overwhelming burden off their internal team. It is not enough today to just assign social media tasks to employees who have minimal social networking and social media marketing skills and experience. If you do have the person-power resources to handle the social networking responsibilities – the wise decision is to get your team trained in these tasks at the highest level possible. DragonSearch sets the bar for providing interactive and custom-built digital marketing training, and we can bring you up there with us.

Don’t be confused anymore about how to best use each social networking site; contact DragonSearch for our comprehensive social media training and consultation: give us a call at (212) 246-5087, email us at [email protected], or submit our contact form here.