Social Media Strategy Training

You likely provided input into your company’s three and five year plans. Perhaps you developed a comprehensive marketing strategy that builds upon past success and will help the company achieve its annual goals. You’ve even worked with an agency or in-house marketing staff to map out the various outlets you will use to carry your messaging. No doubt that plan includes a very important component of digital marketing – social media marketing.

So many times, we encounter smart, forward-thinking companies that are still struggling with making social media an effective step towards meeting strategic objectives. Even if such a strategy is in place, how will success be measured against business goals?

The Social Media Strategy workshops were developed to provide marketers with a framework with which to plan social media in a holistic, integrated approach. These hands-on, roll-your-sleeves-up training sessions will provide exercises designed to inspire, teach, and generate new ideas. The take-aways are actionable items that can be incorporated by you into your current and future social media marketing campaigns immediately.

What Can I Expect from the Workshop?

Workshops are completely customized to your brand’s uniqueness and specific needs. Our staff will lead you through exercises that address the major components of a social media marketing strategy. You will leave with the essentials of a strategy but, more importantly, you will have begun the enhanced social media process and can take it back to your company to integrate and expand it with input from the rest of your team.

We will use your company and your marketing goals as the foundation for creating the workshop content and exercises so that discussions are customized to your needs and are directly relevant for you, your company and your industry.

We believe in a whole system approach to social media. When you are developing a strategy with us during the training classes, we will give you the tools to be able to address several key considerations regarding your social media marketing:

  • Brand: What voice should your brand be speaking in? How is your brand represented online through text, images, video and interaction?
  • Competitors: Who is using social media marketing effectively in your industry? Where are their opportunities for you to establish thought leadership? What is the real competition vs. the perceived competition for online attention? What conversations are competitors having via social media?
  • Setting Goals – What drives goals? How to align your marketing goals with your organization’s desired outcomes? How to set up measurable goals and show the true value of your social media marketing efforts?
  • Customers: Where are they online? On what platforms and in what way do they want to be communicated? Who influences their decisions?
  • Approaches to Social Media – How to use specific social media networks? What should be your focus on and how much of it should go towards which tactic so that you can deliver measureable results?
  • Management of Team Resources: Do staff members have expertise on each social media platform? How much time can staff dedicate to social media marketing? What other resources are available? How does the resource availability allow for achieving your desired outcomes?
  • Paid Social Media Ads: How do they fit into your overall strategy? What criteria defines your ideal targeting segment? What situations necessitate a paid ad strategy for social media?

How Will the Training Apply to My Company?

We believe most, perhaps all, industries can use social media to enhance their messaging and drive results. We are confident that our custom tailored social media classes can be dynamic revelations to your team. It is not the size of the company that matters. It is the level of commitment the company has to using all available tools as an effective marketing outlet for achieving results.

No matter where you are located, we can bring the workshop anywhere! We have delivered these workshops all over the world, each one tailored to the very specific needs of our clients and to the industries in which they do business.

Let’s Take Your Team’s Skills & Confidence to the Next Level

The classes will be tailored around your team’s skill level and training needs, and focus on taking their expertise and confidence to the next level.

We will take a more in-depth look at your current social media efforts while we explore the major social media components. With each phase, we will allow for time to develop the foundation of your social media strategy so by the time the training sessions are complete, your organization will have a strong groundwork for creating a comprehensive marketing strategy, and your team will be able to incorporate the social media tactics that our specialists have developed at DragonSearch.

Next Step… Give Us a Call

As the visionary Galileo once said, “We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves.”

DragonSearch digital marketing specialists are visionaries in our industry.  When we teach workshops, it is our mandate that your team come away with a clear understanding and an inspired passion for using social media to achieve your desired success.

Contact us today to learn more about DragonSearch bringing training to your company. Give us a call at (212) 246-5087, email us at [email protected], or submit our contact form here.