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Interactive & Customized Workshops

Intro to AdWords workshop by DragonSearch.

AdWords workshop by #usDragons Paolo and Andy.DragonSearch giving an introduction to AdWords workshop.

You may experience a range of challenges in strategizing, executing, and improving digital marketing efforts. The landscape is shifting daily, training and resources are scarce, and your team is busy. Through access to outside consulting, governance, and training, you can overcome those challenges quickly.

Your in-house staff may not have the bandwidth or background to push the envelope and stay abreast of constant changes inherent in internet marketing.

Take a deep breath. We are here to help. We will keep your organization up-to-speed while your internal team focuses on the crucial work of steering the direction of your company’s growth.

DragonSearch has created frameworks and processes which have become industry standards, taught in universities and marketing programs throughout the world.


Social media workshop at DragonSearch office.

Hands-on training at DragonSearch.

From training sessions on specific online marketing topics to personalized training and consulting developed specifically to address your business’ challenges, our experienced marketers will develop and lead interactive sessions focused on moving your digital marketing efforts forward. You will learn actionable strategies and tactics that you can implement right away to help grow your business.

Training Personalized for What You Need

Choose from our hands-on digital marketing training or have DragonSearch tailor a specific workshop or training session around your needs. Training can be provided in one of our New York offices, remotely via video conference, or on-site at your location.

While our approach is customized and the training courses and workshops will be specific to you, here are some examples of common areas that organizations often seek to address:

  • Social Media Marketing Training (SMM) – SMM is a rich and nascent marketing territory, with several different major approaches that include influencer strategies, content marketing, and paid social media ads. The impact of these tactics is growing, while the tools themselves change every day.
    • Social Media Strategy Workshops – Hands-on, interactive workshop customized to your needs. Learn to enhance your social media presence by developing an integrated social media marketing strategy that includes branding, competitors, goals, measurement, approaches, resource management, paid amplification, and much more.
    • Social Networking Sites TrainingPractical and focused on teaching strategies and tactics on maximizing specific social networking sites for your business: how to use Facebook  marketing and ads, take full advantage of LinkedIn for your company, using Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.
  • SEO Training (Search Engine Optimization) – The enduring fact of SEO is that it is constantly changing. Staying ahead of this curve is essential to maintaining the long-view of Return on Investment (ROI) for your overall digital presence.
  • Digital Advertising Training – When rapid attainment of new leads and sales is imperative, paid digital advertising can provide a highly targeted and tested flow of new business. The DragonSearch digital advertising process is deeply rooted in analytics and a fluid approach to testing and ingenuity to achieve measurable revenue outcomes.
    • PPC Advertising Training – Get in-depth training on pay per click advertising, with tracks focusing on AdWords, social media advertising, and more.
  • Google Analytics Training – Learn how to get to most out of your Google Analytics: accurately track website traffic, cross-channel marketing, conversions and more.
  • Content Creation & Marketing Workshop – collaborative training involving all aspects of content marketing from content calendar development, to effective content creation, and targeted marketing.

Custom Tailored Training

If a blended mix of strategies will help your business grow, we will develop a personalized curriculum customized for you, your team and your company with the focus on achieving your desired business outcomes.

Discuss your company’s training needs with a DragonSearch digital marketing consultant today to learn about ways we can help you be more successful.

Etela Ivkovic speaking at Webgrrls International NYC Chapter about advanced SEO.

Advanced SEO workshop in NYC.