Desired Outcomes Templates

In interviews with marketers all around the world, in both small and large organizations, the greatest consensus was around the notion that marketing needs to be built on a solid foundation – and that foundation is an understanding of goals.

As we studied the issue more closely, we found that it doesn’t stop at goals – but in fact, goes to the very essence of an organization’s reason for existence.  By understanding the issue as a landscape of desired outcomes, we found that we could develop strategy that would be built on shared values as well as solid business Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Download the Desired Outcomes Template (pdf).


  • Step 1: Setting Social Media Goals Template – The first step is to set your goals and objectives outlining the benefits or changes you aspire to achieve with your work.– Coming soon!
  • Step 2: Creating Social Media Objectives Template. – Coming soon!
  • Step 3:Mapping Metrics to Goals Template – Once you have a solid understanding of an organization’s purpose, vision, and goals, you can map specific metrics to those larger desired outcomes.– Coming soon!
  • Desired Outcomes Workbook – Excel spreadsheet template for documenting particular metrics.