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Social Marketology Worksheets

DragonSearch has pioneered the development of a process framework for social media marketing.  This framework is the basis for the book Social Marketology , now used in college courses around the world and taught by our team of dragons in our social media strategy workshops .

This framework is built on a “whole system” approach, prompting the strategist to understand the organization, the market, and customers. It also looks at approaches to social media in a larger context with an understanding that not all social media efforts are the same: there are several different overall approaches that can be taken alone or in a mix with other approaches.

Using these worksheets and templates while creating your social media strategy will help you develop a stronger, more effective strategy that can be better communicated to an organization’s leadership. For a deeper understanding of their use, refer to Social Marketology, join us at one of the many workshops we give or invite us to give a customized workshop in your own organization.

  • Desired Outcomes Templates:Setting Social Media Goals – By drilling in and acquiring an understanding of an organization’s purpose and vision, the strategist can identify the specific metrics and tactics that map to the organization’s raison d’être – reason for existence. Every strategy begins here.
  • Audience Segmentation Template traditionally, marketing segmentation was constrained by the smallest feasible audience that could be targeted by any particular marketing action.  In social media, the size has become granular. By brainstorming these “micro-segments,” the social media practitioner or team can identify whole new communities and influencers to engage.
  • The Big Five Approaches to Social Media Template – Social Media, as an activity, is often seen as one big amorphous thing. The reality is that it covers several major approaches to marketing and communications. This template will help you clarify your thinking on which approaches are best for your organization.