Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is a critical digital marketing component that cannot be ignored. DragonSearch has been a passionate innovator in managing successful social media ad campaigns. Consumers and businesspeople alike divulge information about their interests, their professional role, their affiliations and more; all of this is data that we can use for hyper-selective targeting! Whether your company is B2B or B2C, somewhere, someone is sharing information at a social network that indicates that their interests and passions tie into your brand, and they’re your next customer.

Success starts with thorough research to gain a comprehensive overview of your organization, your industry, and a clear view of the competitive landscape. Your business goals are the target we shoot for, while always aiming to surpass these expectations.

The DragonSearch advantage is our creative team. A social ad campaign, be it Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, Twitter ads or ads on other social networks, hinges on visuals and copy, well investigated hypertargeting, and necessitates the creative ability to develop ads that cut through all the noise and reach your target audience in a measurable way.  The desired mix and blend of ads on various social networks is customized for your needs and determined goals. All this is integrated into a strong social media marketing strategy. When DragonSearch manages your social media advertising, the deliverable is success.


Our Social Media Ads Process

In-depth research is a key first step. We assemble a variety of original art, brand graphics and photos that become a major part of capturing attention. These images are paired with creative and engaging ad copy. Together, these two components are interwoven to engage and promote action from the desired audience segment.

Our Dragons are experts in hypertargeting the individual ads, and the entire campaign. We pinpoint the demographics, interests and profiles of the social audience that will result in the highest level of success. The management process goes beyond simple A/B testing – it often entails A through Z testing. Constant monitoring, ongoing revisions, subtle tweaking – all go into determining how to continually move ad budget between ad sets and social platforms with agility.

And moving one major leap further – our highly skilled and dedicated digital marketing team can incorporate social media advertising into a comprehensive strategy that includes the complete integration of our ongoing digital marketing management of rock solid website technical SEO (Search Engine Optimization), various forms of digital advertising, social media community management and daily activity, content marketing, and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization).

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