Retargeting Ads

If you are running paid search ads and haven’t started retargeting, now is the time to begin. Google remarketing campaigns are one of the best ways to get started with retargeting ads. Search retargeting can scoop up money that you’ve been leaving on the table.

Here’s how it works—searchers go to your website via one of your AdWords or other PPC campaigns, have a look around and decide to leave without taking an action. The lack of conversion, whether it’s filling out a form or purchasing a product, is noted and those visitors are aggregated into a special list which you target as a specific audience with a new display campaign.


Turn Abandoned Visitors into Clients with Remarketing

Your Google retargeting campaign then runs across the web, showing those past visitors ads at certain times of day, for a certain number of days. When someone from this list converts, they are automatically dropped from the list. In essence, this creates new opportunities and touch points for abandoned visitors as they make their way across the web, so you can remind them or incentivize them with your products and services again. This maintains top-of-mind awareness for your potential customers from discovery to conversion.

Competition and the nature of price and comparison shopping create an opportunity for businesses to use retargeting ads to maximize their return on investment (ROI) in advertising. Many buying cycles entail more than a one-time visit, and retargeting extends and enhances your potential customers’ response. For e-commerce sites, retargeting can connect to your product feed to dynamically present the products shoppers were looking at in ads across the web, further increasing relevancy and giving you the edge in comparison shopping.

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