Landing Page Optimization Services (LPO)

Landing Page Optimization (LPO) is a process of designing, building, and optimizing unique microsite pages to receive traffic from any number of marketing campaigns. Different campaigns can be channeled to separate landing pages, from email marketing to pay per click (PPC) advertising traffic. Many times a company website cannot deliver a highly specific message to a segment of visitors without a significant investment of development resources and time. Landing pages can be prototyped and released quickly, and are free from structural limitations that may be present on your full website.

Why do Landing Page Optimization?

While LPO is often thought of as a technique used for PPC landing pages, DragonSearch believes that LPO is crucial to the success of multi-channel marketing campaigns. LPO delivers consistent messaging from copy to call to action (CTA) and following through to onsite actionable items. The result is more actions by more users.

Our LPO Process and Best Practices

Our LPO services include the landing pages design and deployment. These landing pages are continually adjusted throughout the campaign cycle with the goal of improving conversions. Because each landing page is an independent, controlled environment, changes can be made rapidly without affecting your main website in any way.

Deploying landing pages has been a proven technique in conversion rate optimization, which helps increase conversions over the use of full websites, through the use of consistent messaging, limited navigational options and strategically designed content.

As your campaigns run, we continually analyze a full range of metrics to determine success, A/B test alternate pages and make adjustments to maximize your return on advertising spending (ROAS).

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