A/B and Multivariate Testing Services

Why do people do what they do? How can we persuade our website’s visitors to do more of what we want them to do?

People are hard to predict. But with over a decade of experience in website usability, DragonSearch can make hypotheses that lead to large scale experiments with the goal of improving conversion rates and engagement.

Sometimes small changes to a color of a button, the accompanying illustration, or a line of text can have an impact on conversion.  The improvement may be a matter of a few percentage points, but a program of continuous improvement can often result in significant improvement to a business’s bottom line

A/B Testing

A/B testing is a way to run two pages in a contest against each other to determine which is more effective at facilitating a desired result. Our A/B split testing services include setting up a special code for your website that dynamically splits users into two groups to segment traffic, and runs the experiment until a statistically-significant result is achieved. Once one test has been completed, a variation on the winner can be implemented to run further tests, or all site traffic can be pushed to the most effective page.

Multivariate Testing

DragonSearch’s multivariate testing services include the testing and evaluation of many variables and pages simultaneously, which is ideal for major design changes or focus shifts for large websites or campaigns.

Where to Use?

A/B split testing and multivariate tests are not limited to existing content on your website.

  • Landing page optimization: Landing pages for campaigns from any medium can be tested, whether email, display, PPC or social media.
  • Conversion rate optimization: This maximizes the opportunity for conversion, and dynamic changes can be implemented throughout the life of a campaign to continually improve conversions.
  • Overall site performance: Additionally, lessons learned from A/B testing can be used and implemented site wide, to increase website performance as a whole.

Whether your entire site or a single campaign could use a conversion boost, DragonSearch can help you achieve your performance goals. Contact us when you’re ready to discover how to make your website work better for you.

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