Blog Management & Content Writing Services

By now we all know that content is king. But what content is right for your brand? Are you leaders in your industry or market? How do you tell that story in a way that drives traffic, conversions, and revenue?

The answer is in your blog, and so should be the answers your customers seek. We know that it takes time, bandwidth and resources to maintain a vibrant blog; it is an ongoing endeavor.

We have implemented blog strategies for corporations, for technical organizations, and for small businesses– all who benefit from connecting with their audience by providing valuable and resourceful content published on their website. From doubling the blog traffic in just two months for a major household name brand, to creating a single post that now drives more traffic to an educational facility website than even their home page receives, our success stories are many.

What Our Team Can Do for Your Brand

DragonSearch can seamlessly collaborate with your internal team, enhancing your capabilities in the exact degree necessary. We can make it easy for your contributors, offering a variety of options for the collaborative process. If desired, our team can even interview your contributors and write the post accordingly, dramatically minimizing the amount of time and effort required by your staff.

  • Review your current blog set-up, make recommendations for improvement and implement them
  • If you do not yet have a blog, we can design and build a company blog for you, as an extension of your current website
  • Define from research: the best structure for your blog
  • Ongoing research of your audience segments and sub-segments
  • Identify from research: topic choices to create a content calendar
  • Monitor the metrics for all your blog traffic – where it comes from, what posts are most read, where visitors go on your site after reading the post, and how it all connects to revenue
  • Connect you with potential guest bloggers and create your own guest blogging opportunities
  • Stay on top of trending topics in related areas so that you can immediately create content that enters the news stream
  • Create an editorial calendar, organize and coach your team of contributors
  • Review, revise and optimize all blog content for SEO before publication
  • Time publication dates to correspond with the best opportunities to acquire readers
  • Innovative methods to help you ensure steady content creation while minimizing your staff’s time requirements

Innovative Blog Content Writing Services

If your company has virtually no time for blog efforts, our specialists can do everything blog-related for you. We have highly skilled web developers, passionate researchers, and SEO-savvy creative copywriters, experienced in every style from technical writing to fun light content – and everything in between. We set out to become YOU, become YOUR brand – we refine your company voice and style together, and maintain a consistent projection of it with every word, phrase, and sentence written.

We choose images for your posts, and explore the entire gamut of blog content that can include video, infographics, graphics, charts, and interactive tools. Our blogging is multi-dimensional because the strategy of a successful blog is to connect with potential customers who are not searching for exactly what your goods and services are. The DragonSearch digital marketing team finds topics and writes blog posts in ways that contribute to building your audience, targeting segments and sub-segments and introducing them to you through their initial connection with your blog.

In addition, every time your company creates another blog post, you are increasing the size of your website. Google and other search engines use you expanding your content to deeper understand your site’s relevance and your authority. With DragonSearch, every aspect of each blog post follows current SEO best practices, copy, images and meta data all optimized.

Gain the Advantage in Digital Marketing

DragonSearch is a digital marketing company, with all work done in-house. We contribute our expertise in all digital marketing areas to your blog efforts. In this way, we go far beyond the capabilities of your own team, or when outsourced to a third party ‘blogger.’ If you retain us across multiple digital marketing services, your blog is enhanced with the larger scope of SEO, content marketing, social media promotion and paid advertising and social advertising campaigns – all aligned with the editorial content calendar we create and maintain for you.

Give us a call at (212) 246-5087, email us at, or submit our contact form here. Let DragonSearch provide professional, results driven blog management services to your brand today.