Case Study:
B2C eCommerce Startup Digital PR / Outreach

Hyper Targeted Digital PR / Outreach to Influencers & Audience Segments

Services: Digital PR/Outreach, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Digital Branding

Client Background:

Bluffworks travel pants.Bluffworks, DragonSearch’s startup client manufactures unique, ruggedly designed wrinkle-free travel pants with modern technical features that look as good in the boardroom as they do on a mountaintop. The target audience is comprised of active men who are driven to blend work and play together, and the traveling businessman. With the client’s broad approach to sales targeting and overall weak digital presence and visibility, there was no plan in place to hit revenue targets and grow the brand’s reach online.

The Challenge:

Being a startup company, created by an entrepreneur who became the face of the brand after launching a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, sales were low, there was no defined brand voice or digital visibility, the existing audiences online were primarily friends and family, the target audience focus was scattered and not well researched nor targeted, limited relationship with influencers, and the approach to outreach was inconsistent.

We knew we had to build a very effective strategy that will establish the new brand, build connections and awareness, while directly focusing on driving revenue quickly to help Bluffworks get off the ground and start driving revenue in order to become successful.

Our Solution:

  • Initial & Immediate Digital Property Updates & Revisions – The website & social properties were updated based on our initial analysis and subsequent recommendations in the areas of SEO, CRO, and brand positioning.
  • eCommerce Tracking Set Up –  A system was immediately put into place to track eCommerce conversions as well as the traffic sources which each sale would be attributed to.
  • Audience Segmentation – We needed to identify what would be the most responsive potential audience and customer base, and then pursue those contingents aggressively and in a hyper-targeted way.We underwent an in-depth audience segmentation process that identified several large audiences to be targeted as major interest groups. Based on several demographic characteristics, we divided these audiences into major audience segments.
  • Social Media Advertising Campaign – A paid social media advertising campaign was implemented to grow the brand’s audience within each target audience segment. As each platform’s following increased, posts that engaged with key passionate audiences were created to prompt a responsive interaction that displayed social proof and deepened engagement with key influencers.
  • Influencer Identification / Social Optimization – After developing audiences, we dug deeper to identify influencers within each of those segments. Using a collection of tools, we examined our primary audience segments and handpicked influencers in those segments to target. This process was crucial to targeting the right content to the right audience.
  • Outreach Plan / Response Workflow – An agile system of lead generation, vetting, targeting, outreach, follow-up, placement & social promotion of placement was developed uniquely for Bluff Works.

The Results:

As of result of the implementation of our strategy, Bluff Works secured four primary media placements resulting in the following:

  • Increased referral traffic over 170% from the previous six months within a three month period
  • Increased social media traffic to the website by 25% from the previous six months within a three month period
  • 233% increase in revenue from referral and social sources directly attributable to these efforts.
  • 110% overall revenue increase.

Placements secured through digital PR / outreach:

Digital outreach at CNN for B2C eCommerce client.
Outreach placement in Inc. Magazine.
Washington Post
Smarter Travel