Case Study: B2B Saas Software for IT Teams

A Full-Funnel Digital Advertising Campaign Targeting the IT Industry

Services: PPC, Display AdvertisingSocial Media Ads, RetargetingContent Marketing, Gmail Advertising

Client Background:

DragonSearch’s client provides the world’s leading IT business management software solution. As a global organization, the software is translated into seven languages and available in 90 countries worldwide. As a high-end comprehensive SaaS solution for IT departments worldwide, our client’s sales process involves a long sales cycle with very detailed conversion funnel stages.

The full B2B Advertising & Sales Funnel used to achieve 113% increase in conversion rate.

Our strategy began by mapping out existing assets to each stage of the sales funnel and lining up the right tactics, and the right time, to each custom tailored audience.

The Challenge:

With a highly metrics-oriented corporate culture, we knew we had to speak the client’s language to get buy-in from each stakeholder. That meant taking an account which was in shambles and rebuilding it around Key Performance Indicators like Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs), Marketing Engaged Leads (MELs) and measure our success with KPIs like “% MQL to MEL.”

Our Solution:

  • Develop a holistic strategy which included content marketing, display, social advertising, search advertising, and retargeting.
  • Tailor middle-funnel targeting to convert MQLs to MELs by using platforms like LinkedIn in conjunction with existing assets like whitepaper downloads and webinar signups.
  • Constant experimentation and innovation to find the right mix of high-converting targeting strategies with high-volume audiences.

The Results:

DragonSearch helped our client exceed their already ambitious target:

  • Conversion rate increased by over 113% in the first year of working together and total leads increased by 133%.
  •  Overall, our client’s  Marketing Engaged Leads increased by over 53%.
  • While raw MELs are important, without a strong likelihood to convert it becomes meaningless. Throughout the campaign, we kept the rate of MEL ((Marketing Engaged Leads) to MQL (Marketing Qualified Leads) higher than the client’s target of 50%.
113% increase in conversion rate for digital advertising for B2B Saas Software.

113% increase in conversion rate, amounting to a total increase in leads of 133%.

Our B2B Software client’s campaigns are still going strong; our campaigns continue to drive results in three continents and a variety of languages.