Every so often, a video or ad appears that is simply brilliant in its storytelling – and in my view, this piece for Southern Comfort by Wieden + Kennedy hits the mark. The campaign, dubbed “Whatever’s Comfortable” is said by WK to “celebrate and inspire the awesome attitude of people who are completely comfortable with themselves.”

The piece shows a middle-aged guy with the build of, perhaps, say an aged Ron Jeremy, taking a stroll on a Spanish beach. He’s wearing a speedo, has a generous paunch, sunglasses, and Italian shoes – set to the Odetta song, Hit or Miss.

Interestingly, the phrase “breaking bad” is included in the Youtube keywords, suggesting that there might be a trend towards the celebrating the latent sexiness of the middle-aged. WK knows their stuff.

Some of the great symbolic moments I love in the video:

  • Middle-aged guy steps over the truly old guy.
  • The dog follows the middle-aged guy. He’s so cool, even dogs love him.
  • The ladies check him out. That’s all – no big flirtation – just a modest checking out. He hasn’t totally lost his appeal.

Song + plus guy walking down the beach. No words, but great storytelling. Whatever’s comfortable?

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