Join Ric Dragon as he presents at this Top Social Media Tools Webinar hosted by on Friday, June 17 2011.  In company with Sarah Evans (PRsarahevans Blogger, owner Sevans Strategy) and Rob Drasin (President, New York IABC), he will be presenting on social media strategies and SEO.

The Top Social Media Tools webinar can now be viewed online.

Join Us and Learn How to Take Social Media to the Next Level

  • What: The Communicator’s Guide to the Social Media Spectrum: 10 Top tools and How to use them to build Brand Exposure, Customer Communication, site traffic and SEO
  • When: Friday, June 17, 2011 1PM EST
  • Host: Brian Pittman, Partner,
  • Presenter: Ric Dragon, CEO, DragonSearch
  • Moderator: Rob Drasin, President, New York IABC
  • Guest: Sarah Evans, PRsarahevans Blogger, Owner Sevans Strategy

Social Media Poll Results

In a poll conducted by the New York Chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (NY/IABC) and Communications Professional Resources Online ( it was found that 55.8% of those surveyed are not using social media for communication amongst employees.  51.3% of those polled are making plans to change the channel in the amount of 10 to 25% of their regularly scheduled budgets to social media.

Social Media Tools Strategies Best Practices Webinar

Results of poll conducted by NY/IABC and shows 55.8% of businesses are not using social media for communication with employees

Results of this poll and more will be shown in a FREE 60-minute webinar about social media tools, strategies and social media best practices.  This is your opportunity to find out

  • Why Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google Analytics polled as the 5 most used social media tools,
  • Which tools fill out the top 10 and
  • Why you should be using all of them.

Training in Social Media Strategies, Tools & Best Practices

Join these Social Media experts along with your host, Brian Pittman (Partner, as you enter social media training to learn the “good, okay and bad” of social media.  Learn how to get started with social media marketing, create an amazing social media strategy and walk away knowing what is going to work best for you and your business.  For those nonbelievers wondering why use social media, this webinar will explain just how to communicate the value of social media to your team.

Ric will be presenting social media best practices of top brands and you’ll get a sneak peek at what’s coming next in Social Media.  Sarah Evans, owner of Sevans Strategy will be offering her perspective on public relations and Social Media and Rob Drasin will be offering his insight as well.  This is not Social Media 101, but all attendees are encouraged to bring all Social Media questions to the table.

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