Search Engine Optimization

Photo of Kevin Kerr

Reaching On-Page Optimization Nirvana

Kevin Kerr

Reaching On-Page Optimization Nirvana Part I On the surface, on-page optimization seems so simple.  All that’s involved in website optimization is finding keywords that all the kids are searching for, cram them into your content approximately 10-23 times, and maybe–if you’re in a generous mood–fiddle with the URL a bit, and you’ll be certain to…

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Photo of Henry Blaufox

Google, Bing, Yahoo, the Schema Microdata – WORK, WORK, WORK!!!

Henry Blaufox

A while back, we wrote about the growing benefits of HTML5 as a development standard. Now, the announcement from Google, Bing and Yahoo about their support of new datatypes brings us to the impact of the new standards on organic search. These changes will improve the usefulness of page content by enabling creators to precisely identify attributes of many types…

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Photo of Ric Dragon

A Little Fable About SEO

Ric Dragon

Once upon a time there were three bloggers. They each lived in their own small cottage beside a stream – the Twitter Stream.  And they lived in a beautiful land where Content was king. In this land, there was a powerful wizard named Google.  The wizard had the power to help the bloggers be more…

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Photo of Deidre Drewes

What I’ve Learned About Online Marketing from Buying Cars

Deidre Drewes

I’ve bought a few cars in my life. Once from a dealer, once from a mechanic, and once from a private seller. Each experience was different, and each experience reminds me of the key players in search marketing. And just as with buying a car, deciding how to handle your search marketing and social media…

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Photo of Jillian Jackson

Search Engines and the Titanic

Jillian Jackson

Kentucky is my home. The Lincoln Homestead, Thoroughbreds, Blue Grass, Bourbon, a Shaker Settlement and the winding adventure of Mammoth Cave National Park are a few of the attractions I routinely visited while exploring my Commonwealth. When Ric Dragon took the advice on my blog and invited me to visit DragonSearch in Kingston, NY to…

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Photo of Mark Gilbert

HTML5 and SEO, The Benefits and Possibilities

Mark Gilbert

XML When I had first understood the concept of XML, my mind raced with the possibilities. With XML you could do wonderous things with your data, by defining specific areas of a document rather than tab delimited or comma separated flat text files. Then XHTML came out but there was something missing. There was no…

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Photo of Deidre Drewes

Branding and SEO: A Marriage Made in Internet Heaven

Deidre Drewes

First comes branding, then comes SEO, then comes a top-ranked website? Not always. For new businesses, it is important to recognize that involving optimization in your initial branding process can have substantial payoffs. Geographic Optimization for your Business Name For national corporations, geographic optimization of your brand may not matter much. However, for small-to-midsized companies…

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