Photo of Abe Uchitelle

DragonSearch Achieves Premier Partner Status with Google

Abe Uchitelle

Although none of us will claim to be 1%-ers, some would say we are part of the top 3% – top three percent of Google Partner agencies that is! Beginning this month, DragonSearch is an inaugural member of Google’s new Premier Partner program. This new program represents the next generation of Google’s commitment to agency-support…

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Photo of Jason White

Reconsider Your Penguin Recovery Strategy

Jason White

Reconsideration Request: 4,590,000 That’s how many results are served for the query ‘reconsideration request’. This is the query I searched for after being tapped to write a piece outlining the DragonSearch reconsideration request process. After a good head scratch, I wondered…what do I have to say that will provide value to the SEO community and…

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Photo of Andy Groller

Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

Andy Groller

Good or Bad News for Your AdWords Campaigns? Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns are coming in late July for everyone using Google AdWords advertising. For those that are not familiar with Enhanced Campaigns, Google made the official announcement in February that an ‘upgrade’ to AdWords campaign settings, targeting, and bidding would be released to make account…

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Photo of Ric Dragon

Google Logo Colors: What Would Come Next?

Ric Dragon

Trying to Second-Guess the Color of the Google Logo from Existing Data One of the favorite games of SEO’s is to figure out what Google is thinking based on the data available.  We create tests, analyze patterns, and even carefully review Matt Cutts’ videos backwards, seeking hidden messages.  In that tradition, DragonSearch has embarked on…

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Photo of Deidre Drewes

The Facebook Awesome Announcement

Deidre Drewes

Just days after the launch of Google Plus, Mark Zuckerberg arranged a press release for his own “Awesome” Facebook announcement. As buzz about the “Facebook Killer” grows, Zuckerberg was determined to let the industry know that the social network mogul was far from conceding to Google. Zuckerberg seemed very at ease as he revealed some…

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Photo of John Lavin

Google Adwords Phone Support – Not News Here

John Lavin

Every now and then when Google makes a change in Adwords, some of us may actually notice the change a day or two before its announcement.  This was true for me and the recent addition of the Automate function.  Andy Groller noticed it the morning before the announcement. When this happens, it’s hard not feel like you’re…

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