Photo of Danielle Correia

Real vs Cool in the Brand Culture Wars

Danielle Correia

There’s this huge competition between companies these days to showcase just how “cool” they are to work for — one that’s escalated into an all-out culture war between brands. Whether it’s a new startup or a company that’s suddenly discovered its hip swagger, “Watch us have fun at work!” or “Look at how we spend our free…

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Photo of James Kravic

The Halo Effect of PPC

James Kravic

Brand Growth & Customer Loyalty I have always been told by old-school marketers that PPC is the faucet that can be turned on and off; generate sales in the short term while SEO and social media provide the long term solution. Well, I would argue that PPC also carries many of those same long term…

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Photo of Ric Dragon

Books on Storytelling and Brands

Ric Dragon

Storytelling. An age-old practice of sharing information, stories and historical perspective across generations. Today, social media has risen as effective storytelling outlet that brings people, businesses, even cultures closer together. Many books have been written about the art of storytelling. Using, I have highlighted some of my favorite books on the subject. If you…

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