• Day 1:  Google your Self !  – On day one, check out your own presence on Google and other search engines.
  • Day 2: Own your name space  – IF account names are available that ARE your name, and your business name, get those accounts.  And do that in as many social sites as possible.
  • Day 3: Setup Google and Twitter alerts – the cheapest, easiest way to know if someone is talking about you.
  • Day 4: Create Accounts and Profiles – really dig in and make your accounts nice.  It’s handy to have some good photos of yourself, and a standard bio.  But mix it up if you can.
  • Day 5: Find 10 Twitter people to follow – more if feasible, but at least 10.
  • Day 6: Find 10 Facebook Friends – and here.  And don’t worry if that old boyfriend finds you, it’s inevitable.  There are always privacy settings.
  • Day 7: Find 10 Linked-in Associates – LinkedIn tends to be a little more about business – so go find all those people you worked with in your last company.
  • Day 8: Setup Google Profile and Google Reader  and follow 10 blogs – really two separate activities, but by day 8, we think you should be able to pull it off.
  • Day 9: Setup your Google Local – make sure your business is listed!
  • Day 10: Write a referral to 2 friends on Linked In – give some love! Social Media karma will be yours.
  • Day 11: Leave a comment on 3 different blogs – so maybe this is something you strive to do every day once you get going, but at least give these 3 a try.
  • Day 12: Upload and tag images on Panoramio – this is how your images become displayed on Google Maps.  Be sure to tag with key phrases, and map your photos to the right location.
  • Day 13: Get a Smartphone– set up all your sociial media apps.  – This was the game changer for me.  Once I was able to sit in bed and tweet, it became easy.
  • Day 14: Install a blog, and write one blog post per week. [see Lisa Illichmann – she’s a great example of someone who did just that ]
  • Day 15: Google your competitors – what are they up to? Where are they showing up?

Now repeat all of this over the next couple of weeks.  I can assure you that by the end of a month, your social media profile will be robust, AND you’ll have developed some habits to make it all a bit easier.

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