It’s back! The 4th annual Social Media Day is right around the corner! To celebrate, DragonSearch and the Mid-Hudson Valley Digital Marketers Group is hosting a free social media event in Kingston, N.Y.

Join fellow marketers and social media junkies/aficionados for this first-ever event.

When and Where:

Thursday, June 27th, 2013
BSP Lounge
323 Wall Street
Kingston, NY 12401

The event will be an ideal primer for Social Media Day, which is June 30 and being celebrated online and in meetups all over the country.

Admission is free. RSVPs are encouraged and can be done through the Facebook event at:

Large Crowd of Marketers and Social Media Power Users

DragonSearch anticipates an audience of social media Meetup participants that includes:

  • Marketers – anyone who has an interest in learning about new techniques, strategies and tools to help market a company or product more successfully .
  • Social media lovers – people who start checking their Twitter feed and Facebook updates while still in their early morning dreams, hours before the alarm on their iPhone actually goes off! You already spend more time on social media than you do on any other activity during the day, and if there is a power outage – you scream uncontrollably as soon as your device charges wear out!
  • Small business owners – the folks are “in the trenches” and are using social media to grow their business and reputation.  They have questions about best practices that perhaps other attendees can answer.  They can also can provide “real world” perspective about how social has impacted their business.
  • Job seekers –  DragonSearch (and others) might be watching you (and if we aren’t – hopefully we will be post meetup!) Can you make an impression with your enthusiasm, your ingenuity, your creativity, your cleverness? Then we definitely want to see you at the Meetup!
  • Social media marketing professions (or those “playing one on TV”) – these social-ites are craving interactions, mingling and networking – a hand shake with their right hand and a business card containing their Twitter handle in the left, with the quick draw perfected in front of their mirror until down to world-class nano second time!
  • Mid-Hudson Valley influencers and thought leaders – you know who you are, and so do many others. Local politicians, officials, Chamber of Commerce associates, community group organizers – the movers & shakers who help keep everything in motion on the west side of the Hudson!
  • A unique category that only fits you – and if this group is the perfect fit for you, then you might just be doing the most creative social media in the Mid-Hudson Valley, because you have something to say on social the way only you can express it. Come and fit your square into a big circle of great social media enthusiasts, make some interesting friends – and who knows – standing right across from you could be your stunt double social media soul mate!

Panelists to Lead Lively Discussion on Social Media for Business Growth

While mixing and networking is part of the Meetup, the event will also feature a dynamic, lively panel discussion, focused on social media, of course!  Panelists range from social media marketers to small business owners to a government representative, all whom use social media daily to further their professional goals.

The Mid-Hudson Valley Digital Marketers and DragonSearch are pleased to announce the panel that includes:

So turn off your recorded Mad Men episode and come on out to actually Meetup with the current reality of the inspiring world of social media marketing. This social media event will be the first of what we hope to be quarterly Meetup offerings from DragonSearch in the digital marketing arena.

See you at the Meetup!








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