No doubt, many years ago, there was some guy in some company trying to convince someone that email was going to be big and important.  Some days, I have that struggle with social media.  To remind us of how those changes can really happen, here is an advertisement that was in National Geographic, June 1983:

“It can now be delivered by a computer? GEE!”

(No, GTE!)

The mail can now get through in seconds. Thanks to GET’s electronic mail service, called Telemail.

GTE Telemail(SM) is currently serving business and government organizations in the United States, the United Kingston and Canada.

Here’s how it works:

Using desktop data terminals, subscribers dial into the GTE Telenet data network to send and receive their messages. Messages arriving at a central computer – the “post office,” so to speak – are delivered instantly to the individual electronic “mail boxes” where they are stored and available for pickup 24 hours a day.

Telemail can be especially useful to companies that want to keep in touch with salesmen. You see, portable computer terminals are available that the salesmen take with them when traveling.

It’s all pretty amazing, isn’t it? Especially when you stop and think that only around a hundred years ago we were using pony express.

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