Help Me Find You in a Sea of 2500 Blogging Women!

Amidst the last minute scramble of getting ready for BlogHer ’10; I have a list of Bloggers that I would love to find and connect with in New York City this weekend. Of course, I know there will be way too many incredible women who I want to meet and who I should meet and I know I won’t get a chance.

I Invite Bloggers to Find Me

While I am officially going as my adoption blogger self, I know I will end up talking about work related things. I know I won’t be able to help it. It’s part of the whole picture and who I am, plus it’s kind of like the next step in blogging. I went from a single blog to a career in social media and working directly with brands. Plus, I see what I do, both professionally and personally, as a facilitator of connections. So if I can help other bloggers connect with brands that can help them, that works on all fronts!

So I’m just going to put it out there, if you are interested in any of the following, then please find me!!

  • New York Area Bloggers: We have quite a few New York area clients that are looking for guest bloggers or places to guest blog! Some also have items that can be reviewed, give away or even discounts or free services in exchange for a write up on your blog! Real Estate in NY is important to us, NYC lifestyles, and fun NYC services!
  • Fashion and Shopping Bloggers: I will be looking to talk to any fashion related bloggers especially of you are in a big city! And you really want to talk to me if you are a fashion / shopping blogger. Let’s just say that we represent a very well named retail store and would love to connect with you. I will have a great give away possibility that is happening this month and special invites to exciting events as well.  Tempted? Good! Find me!
  • Spa and Lifestyle and Travel Bloggers: I know that you need to experience a spa or lodging in order to write about and review it, so talking to me can get you there!
  • Luxury Goods/ Shopping Blogs:  Design blogger, Interior Design, Dwell related? How about exclusive connections with famous artist?    We are also helping to rebrand a great American icon in luxury home goods that will have some great events coming up. Believe me, you want to be on these guest lists!
  • Mommy and Home School Bloggers: We have several kid centered clients and some great kids products that we can get out to you!  We’d be thrilled to send you products and have you write them up
  • Geek/ Technology/ SEO /PR and Social Media: Ok so maybe you thought that you might get a chance to relax? But come on. You know we’re going to talk shop! Plus, for anyone who is confused about SEO or SMM; please come find me. I love to help people online and harness the power of the internet! Want to take your blog to the next level; I can even plug DragonSearch’s internet marketing services and explain to you what we do ( but only if you ask!)

And not to be sexist, if there are any sports minded or auto bloggers out there, I’ll have stuff for you too!

I am connected to my Iphone pretty much all the time and will be checking Twitter, so one of the best ways to find me is to throw me a Tweet @FauxClaud.  I’m staying at the Hilton and if BlogHer is like most other conferences, then I will pretty much be at the Hilton the whole time. I will also be at the following parties:

Not sure who I am? That’s OK: here’s my mug, tweeting of course on my pink phone:

Basically, look for crazy long red hair, lots o’ black clothing, tattoos, and a loud voice tinged with a NY accent.  I’ll be hanging out with the Adoption blogging ladies from GIMH and probably waving my arms around a lot. I do that.

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