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Google Small Business Training Workshops for:

  • Sole Proprietors
  • Small Businesses
  • Not For Profits
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Industry Associations

Are you someone or do you have a group or organization that could benefit from hands on Google Training?

Google, KUBA and DragonSearch are committed to the success of individual and small businesses. To that end, Google has structured a series of short small business training sessions to help business owners gain some understanding of the tools that are available to them and how these tools can help them grow their business. As one of only a handful of Certified Google Small Business Trainers in the country, Ric Dragon, CEO of DragonSearch is uniquely qualified to bring this program to your organization.

Training is divided into two programs, each consisting of two 1.5 hour workshops:

Program One Includes:

  • Online Marketing 101 (workshop length 1.5 hours): This workshop introduces small businesses to online marketing, shows how to promote a business using a website, shows how to promote a business through search engines and other websites and discusses the benefits of email marketing.
  • Websites 101 (workshop length 1.5 hours): This workshop discusses the basics of developing a website, how people can find that website on Google, an introduction into Search Engine Optimization (SEO), an introduction into Search Engine Marketing (SEM), an introduction into Social Media Marketing, and an introduction into measuring success in online marketing.

Program Two Includes:

  • Google 101 (workshop length 1.5 hours): This workshop provides an overview of many tools that are available from Google to help small businesses grow, be more productive and save money. Topics covered include: Search Engine Optimization, Google Places, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google WebMaster Tools, and Google Apps.
  • Adwords 101 (workshop length 1.5 hours): This workshop provides business owners and introductory understanding of how they can attract new business using AdWords. Topics covered include: Intro to Adwords, Google ranking explained, basic campaign structure, choosing quality keywords, and writing great ads.

These courses are designed for businesses who are at the beginner to intermediate level with respect to online marketing. These workshops are specifically designed to be training sessions.

The courses are managed and directed by the Google Small Business Marketing Department and all courses are led a by Ric Dragon, a Certified Google Small Business Trainer. These Trainers have been hand selected by Google for their understanding of how to help small business grow and for their passion in doing so.

These workshops are a perfect way for individuals and organizations serving small businesses to provide quality and affordable training to their members. The cost per attending member is nominal – the rewards are great. Every member in attendance will walk away with action items that they can immediately put into play to grow their business the day of the training.

Where and When are the Google Small Business Workshops?

  • Session One: Thursday, June 2nd. 6:00pm – 9:00opm
  • Session Two: Thursday, June 23rd. 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Where: Ulster Savings Bank Training Room, Schwenk Drive & Washington Avenue
  • Fee: $60 per person per session (no course fee for KUBA members)
  • Registration Deadline is May 23rd, 2011.

For more information please contact Heather Toboika at DragonSearch:
(845)383.0890 x105,



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