If you’re looking for Facebook ‘likebase’ success, this isn’t the answer. There is no one specific answer. The thing is this; there are a variety of players out there that contribute to a strong and interactive Facebook community. From paid Facebook CPC Ads to the advantages of using embedded video as oppose to linking videos directly from YouTube, the list goes on and on.  With that said, creating a Reveal Tab is a fun, creative, and outright awesome way to engage your potential ‘like’ audience (increase facebook traffic) and before North Social, I hadn’t the slightest idea how to do it and it drove me crazy. So before I start, I’d like to thank the North Social team for keeping me sane and special thanks to Chris Mottau, general manager of North Social, for suggesting Keep as a great example of a company for using their Sweepstakes tab.

This is going to be a long and informative ride folks, so buckle up. Here we go…

Reveal Tab

A Reveal Tab acts as a way for Facebook page admins to grab the attention of ‘non-likers.’ How this works is when a ‘non-liker’ lands on the Facebook page, the user is directed to a separate tab inviting him/her to ‘like’ the page in order to “reveal” special discounts, promos & sweepstakes. This is a way to create incentive for users to ‘like’ the page thus greatly increasing the Facebook Page’s potential ‘like-base.’

Example: Keep is a shoe & clothing company based out of LA that uses North Social to create a “reveal tab” in order to run sweepstakes.

The Reveal Tab consists of:

  • (1-1) the ‘like’ button – grants access to the user to interact with the Facebook page.
  • (1-2) a large high quality image (520px by 650px is optimal) with copy that invites the user to like the page
  • (1-3) the ‘share’ button – lets a user share your content with friends on Facebook.

Revealed Tab

After the user ‘likes’ the Facebook page, s/he is then is granted access to fully interact with the Facebook page and is qualified to enter contest/promotions.  A revealed tab can be set up as a separate landing page, a coupon reveal page, or a sweepstakes page. This page generally follows a similar theme to the above “reveal tab,” but now offers whatever incentive the admin has promised the user.

Example: Sweepstakes Revealed Tab

Unfortunately Keep did not see it as important to create a separate HQ image with fresh copy for their Sweepstakes Revealed Tab. To each his own, but this does not follow the standards of smart Facebook marketing. I would advise all Facebook admins to make even a slight change to the Revealed Tab. Without some sort of change, the user may not realize that s/he is supposed to scroll down to the bottom of the page for further details.

Let’s take a look at Keep’s Facebook Sweepstakes Revealed tab:

  • (2-1) enter now button – here the user is invited to enter the sweepstakes.
  • (2-2) disclaimer – this is a disclaimer which basically states that Facebook is not affiliated with this sweepstakes in any way and that the information that the user is providing will only be given to the administrator of the page.
  • (2-3) link to contest rules – this is a hyperlink to the contest rules and regulations

What Happens When ‘Liker’ Presses Enter Now?

After the user clicks Enter Now, a separate tab is opened revealing a content form.  This form is customizable to meet the admins sweepstakes requirements.

  • (3-1) submission form – Here the user is prompted to submit the required information to enter the sweepstakes.
  • (3-2) subscribe button – A button to submit the information and subscribe to sweepstakes updates.

What Happens When ‘Liker’ Presses View Contest Rules?

After the user clicks View Contest Rules, a separate tab opens to a URL set by the admin of the page. In most cases this link directs to the notes section on the Facebook page.

  • (4-1) contest rules – Here the user is provided with the rules of entering the sweepstakes.
  • (4-2) comment section – Here is a comment section for if the user has any questions or feedback regarding the sweepstakes.

Sweepstakes Thank You Tab

Once the user submits the required information on the Revealed Sweepstakes Tab, s/he is then is then directed to a Thank You Tab. This tab allows Facebook Page admins a way to show appreciation to the user for joining in on the fun as well as act as a confirmation page

Example : Keep uses its Thank You tab appropriately.

  • (5-1) thank you copy – basically these are words that reassure to the user that the information has been received and they can continue about browsing through the Facebook page.

That’s All Folks..

Well I’m done here. That’s how a Reveal Tab works. It is definitely not the only solution to creating that killer Facebook page you desire, but it is certainly a major player. So go out there and create one.You are now free to take off your seatbelts  and exit to the right, but if you’d like to browse around through the rest of our blog the pleasure is all ours. I’m interested in hearing what major players you have incorporated into your Facebook page…So what are you waiting for? Leave a comment!

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