For a lot of people, there is a great deal of confusion between Facebook pages and Facebook Groups.  The distinctions may seem subtle at first glance, but once we look closer, we can see that the difference is great.


“Groups” are just that – a grouping of Facebook users. 

  • Groups can be by invitation only, or open to the public. 
  • In Groups, you can designate officers, and allow group members to post to the group. 
  • You can also set your group to be private, or viewable by non-group members. 
  • Anyone can create a group, whereas a page for a business can only be created by an official representative of that business.
  • You can NOT add apps to a Group.
  • When you take actions on your group, such as posting on your group’s wall, these actions will appear to come from you as an individual
  • As long as a group is under 5000 members, group admins can send messages to the group members that will appear in their inboxes. If the group exceeds 5000, admins can’t send messages to all members.

If you want a place where a group of people can collaborate – upload images, videos, and message to the group, Groups are the way to go.


A celebrity, business, or brand can create a Facebook Page to share information, interact with their fans, and create a more engaging presence on Facebook. Pages are distinct presences that are optimized to represent a business, and are separate from user profiles. Like profiles, you can add applications (apps) to a page to make them more interesting.  Facebook users don’t ‘belong’ to a page – but are ‘fans’ of a page.

  • Admin’s names are NOT displayed on Pages
  • If you post or take other actions on a Page you own, it will appear to come from the Page.
  • Page admins can send updates to fans through the Page, and these updates will appear in the “Updates” section of fans’ inboxes. There is no limit on how many fans you may send an update to, or how many total fans a Page can have. 
  • Access to a Page can only be restricted by certain ages and locations.

If you’ve accidentally started a Group, but meant to create a page, there isn’t really anything you can do except create the page, and invite everyone from the group to become a fan.

For any user’s profile that you can see, you will notice the pages that they are fans of, along with the groups to which they belong, listed at the bottom of their profile info page:


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