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Step-by-step Google Tag Manager tutorial.

Click Text Event Tracking – GTM V2 Made Simple

Jacques Bouchard

  With medium- and large-sized companies, digital marketing is typically driven by two forces: the ideal, and the workaround. Sometimes, we’re given the freedom (and budget) to power through a challenge with the perfect solution. More often, however, we inherit hardware and a CMS that, despite its quirks and limitations, isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In addition we…

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Photo of Jacques Bouchard
A red Easter egg with the Konami code spilling out of it

Website Easter Eggs & The Power Of Fun In Marketing

Jacques Bouchard

In a past life, some time before DragonSearch, I was included in a brainstorming session for content strategy. The topic: How can we make viral content?  What struck me most was that, initially, the meeting took a very conversational, spirited direction, but the meeting leaders quickly pulled everyone together to “get serious” about building the viral strategy….

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Photo of Jacques Bouchard
Creating Content Topic You Don't Understand

Creating Content For A Topic You Don’t Understand

Jacques Bouchard

The difference between having an excellent content creator and a poor one is huge — and the good ones are few and far between. If you are in an industry that is highly technical, or there is a strong need for accurate, in-depth information, the challenge of building digital content without using up your staff’s…

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Photo of Evan Auerbach
A drawing of ice cubes melting on a blue background

5 Things Marketers Can Learn from the #IceBucketChallenge

Evan Auerbach

By now you can’t go anywhere without hearing something about the #IceBucketChallenge – it’s on the TV, it’s in newspapers, and it’s definitely on your Facebook and Instagram news feeds. Everyone, from athletes and celebs, to politicians and executives are taking part in the mega-viral social media phenomenon to help bring awareness to amyotrophic lateral…

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Photo of Victoria Eveleth

Four Social Listening Tactics for Smart Content Creation

Victoria Eveleth

Being Social vs. Being Promotional #usDragons are big advocates of the 80/20 rule. For those who haven’t heard of this handy little guideline, it represents balancing the amount of conversational, passion point-focused content that should be posted, such as ‘how to’ videos, industry tips, news, conversations around the passion points behind the products, etc (80%) vs….

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Photo of Ric Dragon

Semiotic Pie

Ric Dragon

Friend and marketer Ty Sullivan questioned the relevancy of this Capital One ad. He suggested there was marketing disconnect. I, on the other hand, think the ad is, if not the work of an advertising genius, pretty clever.

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Photo of DragonSearch
White and pink fireworks shooting up in the sky to celebrate New Years

Content Marketing Tips for 2014 and Beyond


Content has been the big topic of conversation amongst #usdragons in recent days. Rather than posting yet another blog about how important content is (since we know you have crawled out of the cave by now), we decided to get a bit more tactical here. The New Year is the time to put your marketing…

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Photo of Paul Rakov

Content Has Always Been King

Paul Rakov

Facebook this month finally admitted that posts by business pages were being served up fewer times in users’ news feed than content from news sources.  They claim that clicks on news content rose 170 percent this year, indicating that people crave those types of posts.  Prior to that, Google’s Hummingbird update was seen as a…

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