spencer traceyThis column will examine the ways firms can benefit by shifting established activities and processes to the web. If I cover a topic or process you have already addressed, I’d like you to share your experience. If I bring up something about which you want to know more, I’d like to receive your inquiry, too.

Among the subjects we’ll explore here are:

  • Employee Benefits
  • Corporate Communications (with employees, shareholders, clients and suppliers)
  • Financial Reporting (now that the regulators want alternatives to all those paper filings no one reads)
  • Moving and expanding your product online (you magazine and book publishers take note, someone else is dispensing suggestions to you)
  • Continuously tracking and improving the activities you’ve moved from the back office to the web (you put the call center onto the web years ago; have you measured how it is doing against your original objectives?)

I’m focusing on these subjects for one reason. I’ve been there, done that — in each of these industries, over the last four decades. Somewhat immodestly, I think I have something to offer you, especially if you want ideas to improve organizational performance (for a glimpse at my alter ego, look at Spencer Tracy’s character Sumner in Desk Set.)

This entry was posted on Wednesday, July 23, 2008 and is filed under Integrated Marketing.

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