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Photo of Ralph Legnini
Colorful graphic of a trade show showing booths & attendees.

Trade Show Digital Marketing – Pre / During / Post

Ralph Legnini

Centuries ago, merchants traveled from town to town to display their goods and products, create awareness, and initiate sales. Today it is much different. Brands devote a large portion of their yearly marketing budgets to participate in mega-events, often at the largest convention centers in major cities. There are currently over 10,000 trade shows each…

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Photo of Andy Groller
A business women using marketing strategies to close the gap

B2B Marketing Series: Q4 Strategies to Close the Gap

Andy Groller

Q4 is a critical time for B2B organizations and marketers. With the natural ebb and flow of performance throughout the year, B2B marketers understand that Q4 is a make or break time. It’s the time of the year when annual goals are hit or missed, which can either lead to a strong foundation going into…

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Photo of Danielle Correia
An illustration showing digital marketing components

Fall 2016 Digital Marketing Courses at SUNY

Danielle Correia

DragonSearch is pleased to announce our fall 2016 course schedule… Social Media Marketing November 19th 9 am – 12 pm at UCCC Stone Ridge Campus In partnership with Rondout Valley Business Association Presented by Jannette Wing Pazer & Christopher Short Course Description: This course outlines the essential online marketing tactics it takes to get started using social media…

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Photo of Abe Uchitelle

DragonSearch Achieves Premier Partner Status with Google

Abe Uchitelle

Although none of us will claim to be 1%-ers, some would say we are part of the top 3% – top three percent of Google Partner agencies that is! Beginning this month, DragonSearch is an inaugural member of Google’s new Premier Partner program. This new program represents the next generation of Google’s commitment to agency-support…

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Photo of Jacques Bouchard
A lobster cage showing technical SEO techniques along with other marketing strategies

The Art of SEO… And Lobster Fishing

Jacques Bouchard

Working with clients, I’ve noticed that philosophies about SEO often fall into two camps — those that gravitate to the technical side of SEO, and those who try to build their SEO through a combination of blogging, social, and/or content strategy. The seductive quality of this false dichotomy is that adopting either strategy may work really well on…

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Photo of Andy Groller
The B2B conversion funnel showing ad types and content for throughout the funnel

How to Define Your Conversion Funnel for B2B Success

Andy Groller

We can all agree that B2B marketing success ultimately hinges on qualified leads that result in revenue, and this is true whether you’re promoting a SaaS recurring revenue model or a one-time IT hardware purchase. This does not mean, however, that B2B success metrics should only be defined by qualified leads and revenue. On the…

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Photo of Ian Keir
A team of social media marketers gathered around a table organizing channel icons

Overview and Takeaways from Social Tools Summit Boston 2016

Ian Keir

Is social media marketing a challenging activity for your business? Do you just set it and forget it? The Social Tools Summit, held in Boston on April 12, 2016, answered many of the questions and challenges faced by businesses. The brainchild of Neal Schaeffer and Brian Mahony, this Summit brings together marketers and social media experts…

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