Website Analysis Creates the Infrastructure for Strong Website Performance

Website Usability and Information Architecture are Key to Search Engine Friendly Web Design

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. The same holds true for a website. A fully optimized site will have undergone strenuous web page analysis to evaluate things like website usability and other user based concerns.

The DragonSearch team will also drill down to the website information architecture to better advise on site changes aimed at user and search engine friendly web design. If your site is lacking, DragonSearch will make suggestions on how to best improve your site’s information architecture to increase performance for real users as well as Search engines.

For Existing or New Websites, Website Usability is a Major Factor in Success

Whether you are looking for website information architecture review or making sure your new site features a search engine friendly web design, the real test is usability.  Through our website analysis, we identify ways to capitalize on existing strengths of your site and steps to take to eliminate existing weaknesses in your website, all with the goal in mind of improving web usability and site performance.

Website Analysis is an Ongoing Process That Progresses with the Growth of Your Site

A solid site design and underlying architecture  is crucial to the success of your website.  As your business grows, your website will need to follow suit.  Delivering new products and services to serve a wider or larger market will mean more demand on your website. You  will want to ensure that your site’s search engine friendly design remains up to date with timely research and suggestions to make your return on investment that much greater.

Between the skills of our SEO team and knowledge of our information architecture experts, DragonSearch will work to ensure that your website is being managed with the utmost care and professionalism, with the ultimate goal of increasing your ROI.

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