Website Traffic & Google Analytics Audit

Are Your Website Traffic Statistics Tracking Correctly?

The standard Google Analytics installation is typically fast and easy; however it does not provide the tracking and metrics that really matter for your business right out of the box.

Just about every site has Google Analytics, it is simply an automated system set to track website traffic statistics on the website that contains your unique Google generate tracking code. Since the tool works without knowing your unique business model, making critical decisions based on this data can be a problem, especially if your web presence includes components like sub domains, or a third party shopping cart. You need your data to work for you, especially when changing your marketing message, or creating additional web content, and especially allocating resources to various marketing initiatives including search engine optimization, pay per click advertising and social media marketing.

A Google Analytics website traffic analysis completed by DragonSearch will ensure that a Google certified specialist has examined and overhauled each and every aspect for full functionality and accuracy, and confirms that your traffic data is complete and correct.

Our Web Analytics Audit Includes

  • Initial meeting to discuss the specific data needs of your business and website
    • Our specialists will provide additional clarity to shape your overview during this information gathering session
  • Deep dive and review of the various layers and components of the analytics and tracking set up, and data generation
    • This step will uncover all potential website traffic and conversion tracking difficulties
    • Any historical tracking issues will be uncovered at this stage, such as loss of tracking or suspicious data from automatic “bots”, etc.
  • Opportunity analysis for potential traffic and conversion tracking improvements including goals, social engagements, and events to allow for cross-channel marketing analysis in Google Analytics multi-channel funnels
    • The potential ‘difference maker’ in positioning your brand to effectively use tracking data proactively to govern marketing decisions as you move into the future
  • Comprehensive documentation of findings and processes for implementation
    • No one wants to see an overview that you can’t understand! Our specialists are skilled and experienced in providing their findings in a crystal clear report that will subsequently be prioritized, discussed, explained and elaborated upon when reviewed together

Options for Next Steps:

Post analytics audit report – if you are so inclined – we can provide a proposal to continue work for your brand. From this, the next step could range from implementation of changes to your tracking processes identified in your report, to training and workshops, to taking over daily responsibilities of any portion of your digital marketing efforts, the Dragon team is standing by to become a collaborative partner for your brand.

Start Understanding Your Site Analytics

If you’re ready to finally have a complete understanding of your website traffic statistics and start making critical business decisions based off of accurate and actionable data, contact DragonSearch today. Start by giving us a call at (212) 246-5087, emailing us at , or submitting our contact form.

We’ll identify anything problematic, find the right solution, improve your analytics tracking, and help  you understand your website traffic in ways that only experienced Google certified experts can provide.