Social Media Analysis

The debate is over; Social Media is a critical tool to build brand equity, drive direct engagement, cultivate relationships with customers, and drive conversions through the web. . With everything that is possible, yet limited resources, do you know if your social media marketing efforts are providing the best return on investment to achieve your business goals?

Successful social media campaigns require clear objectives, carefully constructed strategy, effective tactics and execution, and accurate measurement of results. While there are dozens of platforms available, only through pointed, efficient use of social media can measurable results can be attained.

  • Is your brand active on the same social networking sites as the target audience your products are primed to reach?
  • Are you making the most of your resources on the platforms where you are active?
  • Are your profiles and content sending the right signals to users as well as search engines?
  • What are your competitors doing on social media? What do they know that you don’t – or have they perhaps left a void to fill?

A social media analysis delves into your current social media campaign to evaluate efficiency and effectiveness. DragonSearch will provide a thorough breakdown of how your, and your competitors’, social media landscape is being used to meet the goals, and what opportunities exist to improve. For brands with an internal team, this can be an incredible value in putting a spark in your efforts.

Our Social Media Analysis Evaluates:

Our social media analysis evaluates your brand AND the competition for

  • Visual presentation & formatting
  • Copy optimization & keyword use
  • Brand voice & messaging
  • Alignment with your goals
  • Post type, scheduling & frequency
  • Content strategy
  • Integration of blog, website and overall marketing efforts
  • Audience segmentation
  • Influencer engagement
  • Competitor analysis
  • … and more…

Content Marketing & Social Media

Content marketing now plays a keystone role in the most successful social media strategies.. What type of content are you posting on social media? What type of content does your audience already engage with? Are these content types aligned? By determining what customers need or like, and catering to their interests, successful social media posts can be crafted and implemented as part of inclusive comprehensive content marketing strategy.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis has always been a key marketing strategy and the case is no different with social media. A competitive analysis of social competitors goes much deeper than “Likes” or “Followers.” While these metrics are important, they only tell part of the story. A thorough analysis includes but is not limited to the types of content, post scheduling, audience, venue and optimization techniques.

What is your competition doing that is successful? What aren’t they doing, that you can provide the audience with?

Your Report & Next Steps

The valuable information collected during our detailed Social Media Analysis is reported to you in a way you can understand, with actionable items prioritized so they can be implemented tomorrow.

Options for next steps:

  1. Your internal team can proceed with confidence knowing that your social media strategy is comprehensive with measurable results.
  2. If you need it, DragonSearch also offers social media consulting and training – at your space, at ours, or by video conferencing.
  3. As a third option, if your brand needs assistance in any aspect of your social media marketing, our specialists can integrate seamlessly as a collaborative partner.

Start by giving us a call at (212) 246-5087, emailing us at [email protected] , or submitting our contact form.