Competitive Analysis

There is nothing worse than losing the game to a mediocre competitor – just because they are savvier in their online presence than they are as an overall company. We can tilt the playing field back to your favor. If they are in fact a bigger and more established brand than you are, DragonSearch can show you how to smartly be competitive with them, finding opportunities where you can excel and surpass them.

Even if you feel that a competitor is inferior to you, they may be projecting quite a different image online, and receiving more acclaim back from your audience.

When customers search online, your competitor’s perfectly sculpted PPC ads might be capturing their attention. Their Facebook page, or Tweets, or Pinterest boards, and other social media presence might be exceptional. Their website conversion funnel could be streamlined and enticing. Perhaps they have an SEO friendly website that shows up when yours is not found, and their copy, images, messaging and branding might be making a substantially better connection with your customers.

Whether big or small, insignificant or even incompetent – online they are positioning themselves as the premier brand for what you do. Don’t let yourself stay behind.

DragonSearch’s in-depth Competitive Analysis will take stock of the real online environment that your company must learn to thrive in – and more!

How to Come Out on Top

Even if you have considerable overview in your own field of focus, the question that remains is:

  • How do you hold, or reclaim the edge over the other companies trying to successfully connect with your audience?

This step of your online marketing strategy is invaluable. All our Audits and Analysis are presented to you as substantial reports of everything we find during our exhaustive audits.

In the Competitive Analysis we identify who your top competitors actually are, report on every aspect of their online presence, evaluate it, and then give your brand all the detailed and specific recommendations necessary to counteract their efforts. We present a proactive, prioritized and time-lined plan of action.

DragonSearch does the research, creates the strategy, and can proceed with carrying it out for you – we can even train your in-house team to assist and take on more tasks and responsibilities as you move forward. We adjust our involvement with the execution of the strategy to the level that best works for you and your in-house or third party teams.

Be the Most Visible Wave on the Online Ocean

The Internet is not one dimensional, and every company has presence in multiple ways. Website, digital advertising, social media activity, social media advertising, brand mentions by others, and overall sentiment and perception of your company or organization in the eyes of others.

Even if you are already doing well online, you need to consider what your competitors are doing to overtake you. Maybe they have social media ads or banner ads that are extremely effective, or their blog is outstanding, or they get more press and brand mentions, or they just ran a contest that sparked high engagement, interaction, and built up their mailing list by thousands of targeted potential new customers. Whatever they are being successful online with, DragonSearch will evaluate and make strategic and specific recommendations to you. Our audit goes way beyond the obvious surface view, and our solutions are clear and doable.

The Internet is an immense ocean of information. One of the best ways to ensure consistent digital marketing success is to ride on that first wave – and make your competition be the ones behind you playing catch up!

Call us to discuss how we can help you. A professional Competitive Analysis done by our team of subject matter experts will set the stage to catapult your brand as the preeminent one amongst all your competition.

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