Digital Marketing Audits & Analysis

At DragonSearch, we understand that the prerequisite to developing a winning strategy is to maintain an extensive and up-to-date knowledge of the digital marketing landscape, as well as all best practices related to it.

Your digital marketing efforts, website and online properties are the foundational components of your brand’s web presence, and similar to any skyscraper being built – success is contingent on solid ground.

Your In-Depth Reviews & Evaluations

Our marketing team seeks to start our relationship with you by undertaking a complete evaluation of your online properties and analysis of your current digital marketing efforts. We carefully look under the hood of your website, your website traffic and analytics, social media presence, and all other connected elements, to identify both issues and potential opportunities. We deliver a definitive prioritized list of recommendations, and a customized blueprint to drive your ongoing strategy.

Some of the Analyses We Frequently Perform:

We can evaluate any and all areas of your digital presence and marketing efforts. Brands can benefit from a professional multi-faceted analysis of the entire scope of their and their competitors’ online presence and activities.

  • Website Analysis: Our Dragons take a deep dive when they review your website health from technical SEO to usability to content and beyond – and if something is found – we know how to fix it. Our detailed report provides actionable and prioritized recommendations.
  • Website Traffic Analysis – our certified Google Analytics specialists analyze all the data about how users interact with your site, and identify past and present performance, apparent issues, opportunities not yet undertaken, and ensuring your analytics data is accurate.
  • Our conversion rate optimization (CRO) specialists scan your website, zeroing in on your conversion funnel step by step, measuring how it resonates psychologically and emotionally, how the colors, font, calls to action (CTA), usability, layout, placement of items, images, videos, and overall user experience fare as distinct features and how they combine to create a total positive user flow that has an immediate impact on conversions.
  • Your AdWords account and paid advertising campaigns are scrutinized in granular detail. Your ad groups, keywords, landing pages, calls to action, spend, copy – fully dissected by top professions in this field.
  • Competitive Analysis: Are you aware of what campaigns your competitors are running? Do you have them in your sights – or is it the other way around? Our competitive audits can evaluate your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses in several different areas: we can gain insight about their ad campaigns, ad groups, conversion funnel, SEO efforts, social media activities, brand mentions and overall sentiment. Gain a detailed picture of your competitive landscape that is based on data and exhaustive evaluation, and find missed opportunities you never thought possible.
  • Social Media Analysis: We review your social media presence, looking for weak links in the way your profiles were initially set up, how well they are optimized, how they appear visually, the effectiveness of your overall activity and engagement on each platform. We also assess your competitors’ social media marketing.
  • Online Reputation is examined to see if it is representative of your brand. Negative items, comments and reviews are evaluated and recommendations made to rectify any issues with an eye to SEO and improving brand sentiment.
  • Backlink analysis is undertaken to determine who is linking to your website, and identify any links which might be hurting your results and your reputation. In the age of Google Penguin, staying on top of your backlink portfolio is as important as knowing your credit score.

These detailed deep dives allow the DragonSearch team to provide critical and comprehensive information on not only how your website and all related digital properties function, what your competitors are up to, but also how your brand integrates with the larger digital marketing strategy to meet your business goals.

Your Comprehensive Digital Footprint Overview

Before you invest your time and energy on improving your digital property, make sure you’ve taken the opportunity to evaluate what’s working well right now, what needs improvement, what sources are driving the most high-value traffic your way, and what your competitors are doing. By conducting a thorough digital marketing analysis and taking stock of your online presence, you’re empowered to propel your brand in the future.

When you are ready to move forward with DragonSearch, we are ready to create the successful collaborative partnership. It can start with a call to (212) 246-5087, email us at [email protected], or submission of our contact form here. Let’s discuss what our audit and analysis should cover to bring you a marketing solution for your business challenges.