Digital Marketing and Advertising Internship Opportunities

DragonSearch's Kingston NY office.DragonSearch, a digital marketing agency located in Kingston, New York is searching for passionate interns.

Please note: for the internships to be useful for both you and us, we ask our interns to be here the equivalent of at least three days per week.

Internship Activities

This will be a very hands-on experience with potential tasks including:

  • Learning about the newest digital advertising platforms, strategies and analytics such as Google AdWords and Google Analytics
  • Analyzing marketing data within web analytics in search of actionable insights and opportunities
  • Assisting digital advertising account managers with daily and monthly tasks
  • Learn best practices in Search Engine Optimization and put them to use
  • Become part of social media marketing campaigns through community management skills development
  • Having fun learning!

Benefits of a DragonSearch Internship

DragonSearch is an organization highly focused on learning and employee development. We expect our interns, just as we do our employees, to grow their knowledge and skillset exponentially from the day they start. Therefore, this opportunity does not involve stuffing envelopes, stapling, and collating. And you get to hang out with other Dragons, which is cool (at least we think so!).

DragonSearch offers:

  • Flexible scheduling during normal office hours, Monday through Friday, to fit within your class schedule
  • National and international guest speaker presentations for inspiration and training
  • Client referral bonuses
  • All the chocolate you can eat (We’re serious…we have a line item in our budget for it!)

How to Apply

If interested, please email your resume and cover letter including three reasons why you want this opportunity to

To learn more about DragonSearch, please explore our social media and blog.

Testimonials from DragonSearch Interns

My internship with DragonSearch taught me more about not only digital marketing, but also myself, than I ever could have hoped to learn in one summer. From day one you are treated as an equal, and are given work that will be directly impacting clients. This internship is not just a resume filler, you will leave with real world expertise that can only help you for future endeavors. Coming into the internship, I really felt I only knew what marketing was based on definitions I had memorized from the textbook to pass exams at school. Looking back on everything I learned over those two and a half months, I feel it was more valuable than anything I had learned in my previous 3 years of schooling. Questions are always encouraged and never seen as a weakness, everyone is always willing to help! DragonSearch is on the cutting edge of the digital marketing field, and each and every day they are constantly learning too. There is so much life in the office, so much passion, and a drive for success that you can’t help but emulate. I left the office each day inspired and excited for the next! The surprise of what chocolate would be on the chocolate table (yes it is a real thing) next, also definitely kept me on my toes too!
– Katherine Leirey, University of Delaware, 2016

My DragonSearch experience has been absolutely amazing to say the least. Once I stepped foot through that door I was immediately introduced to the entire Dragon family with open arms. Each and every Dragon is unique, driven, hard-working and passionate. These patient and dedicated individuals are what companies strive for and I couldn’t thank them enough for all that they have taught me. From Digital Marketing to Analytics, SEO to Advertising, there hasn’t been a time where I wasn’t furthering my education. The best advice I could give to future interns would be:

  1. Always ask questions! (Every question matters)
  2. Make suggestions! (Speak your mind! They want to hear your ideas)
  3. Never resist the urge to eat chocolate!

– Madeline Krause, SUNY New Paltz, 2015

From my time with DragonSearch I can say that it’s pretty much the best anyone could hope for in an internship. A great tight-knit group of people who take your learning and participation in the team seriously. An internship at DragonSearch is a hands-on affair; no mindless busy work or coffee runs to be found here. It’s an internship for people who don’t just want to put something on their resume, but really want to learn, get a taste of what it’s like working on the front lines of SEO. There’s a lot I could say about my year as a Dragon; I’ll miss my coworkers, people who really love their craft, I’ll miss being part of interesting projects, and I’ll miss coming home each day really feeling like I really gained something. In a world filled with intern-horror stories, DragonSearch is something special.

– Walker Bockley, Bard College, 2015

When I began interning with DragonSearch in August, 2013 I was immediately welcomed by the entire DragonSearch family. The DragonSearch team is made up by a group of kind-hearted, funny, and incredibly smart people who are always willing to help each other. I would often forget that I was an intern because they treated me like a full time employee. I was given my own desk, a desktop computer with two monitors, and work that made a true impact on the company. I’ve heard horror stories of interns being treated poorly by their employers, but this was not the case with DragonSearch. A lot of what I have learned about the field of digital marketing I attribute to my time at DragonSearch, and I can’t thank them enough. The constant learning environment provided was incredible. They would go as far as bringing in skilled professionals to the office to teach the team about new developments in the industry, how to work better with clients, and amongst each other. The learning environment doesn’t stop at the front door of DragonSearch, it continues on to their community through events and workshops that they host. I would highly recommend anyone with an interest in digital marketing to consider interning with DragonSearch.

– Corrina Stokes, SUNY New Paltz, 2014

I have learned so much being at DragonSearch. I worked on projects with both SEO and social media management. I felt like I was actually contributing things to the company. I was part of the team, and everyone was so helpful in teaching me everything. I also learned not to discredit your own ideas, because you can be just as capable of teaching as you are of learning. Anyone can make himself or herself an expert at something, and then it’s up to you to own that expertise.
Finally, I learned that you get out of something what you put in. Making the effort to engage someone on social media or to put that extra time into a project is what gets you results. You have to strive to exceed expectations, not expect to just barely meet them. Ultimately, I’m thankful for DragonSeach for providing me with such a great environment to learn and work in.

– Matt Mandato, SUNY New Paltz, 2014

DragonSearch is not “just some job.” DragonSearch is a learning experience with an emphasis on growth. Every person is taught to further better their skills and gain independence. As an entry Web Developer intern, my mentor made an emphasis on teaching me how to be more effective and efficient with hands-on experience. This did not apply solely to the technical field, but every aspect of the business. I was constantly welcomed to learn polar opposite skill-sets such as Content Management or Company Branding. Although they were promoting versatility, the uniqueness of the well rounded culture helped achieve various ways of tackling a single problem from every angle. It was due to the variety of skills my mentor had passed to me that I was able to fully achieve my dream of becoming the esteemed Software Developer that I am today. In conclusion, DragonSearch is not “just a job,” but a learning experience that may bring you to your dream!

– Sean Higgins, Marist College, 2013


If interested in an internship at DragonSearch, please email your resume and cover letter including three reasons why you want this opportunity to

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